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I Am So Excited by Jamie Kushnick

I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I am so excited! I am so excited! I am. So excited. Hey everyone, my

name is Jamie Kushnick, I am helping to portray the role of Hannay in this year's fall play The 39 Steps, and I. Am so. Excited. Last year sucked! I don’t need to tell you this! I am proud of our theatre program for producing two amazing and original productions while sailing through such choppy waters, but I have missed this space! I have missed our Performing Arts Center, I have missed our Black Box, our booth, our costume closet, our mirror hallway, the catwalks, the stage, and yes, even you mysterious stain on the tool closet ceiling. Even you. On the first day of rehearsals for this year’s show, I remember being reintroduced to an energy when walking into our theatre. The PAC always feels a bit dusty. Smelling that antique, out of the attic scent, seeing that particulate floating down the pillars of light illuminating the space. Not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. Dust shows age, and with age comes experience. The experience of every past show in this ancient place. That’s what I felt that first day. That zap that travels through your skin creating the lightning bolt that is creating a new story. Together. Every show is influenced by its predecessor, and there’s a long line before our 39 steps. With my reintroduction to this magical space also came new introductions to some magical people. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know and bonding with all our new cast and crew members, and I hope they’re having as electric a time as me. I’d like to give a personal thank you to everyone involved in this show for making it the incredible experience it has been. You’re all amazing! And so are you! From the bottom of my heart and with the utmost sincerity, hope you enjoy the show!

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