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Focusless by Elora Coble


My name is Elora and I am psyched to be in Hale's production of Chicago.

I play Mary Sunshine. To me, Mary Sunshine sticks out of the mysterious and grimy world of Chicago like a sore thumb. As I get to know my character more, I'm having fun playing with how she completely clashes with everyone else. A word I've been using to describe her is focusless. Almost every other person in Chicago has very clear motives. Things that drive them. Reasons to live. And I see the opposite for Mary. I think she is like an oblivious ball of glitter floating around the cigeratte smoke, knives, guns and drugs of the city, not really seeing any of it. Her brain is like a blob of cotton candy. She's in her own universe. Even though she still experiences emotional reactions to what's happening in reality, I don't think it has the same impact on her that it has on "normal" people. She might feel a super strong emotion for a second, but then it just bounces back off. It doesn't absorb into her. She goes back into her swirled and numbed perspective, that mutes screams and crashes, and paints over a bad quality someone has with a fog. I'm excited to play more with interactions and portraying a stark contrast from reality. The atmosphere we are starting to create is definetly one you want to see. I hope you join us for a truly twisted tale!

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