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Doing Theatre In A House Made For Short People by Charlotte Sullivan


My name is Charlotte Sullivan and I’m part of the cast in Nathan Hale Theatre’s Night of

Your Life variety show.

A little less than a year ago Nathan Hale Theatre’s spring production was cancelled, and

now here we are! Doing theatre at home! There’s pros and cons of course. The main con

is that we’re not on a stage and physically interacting, but we can show up to rehearsal

in slippers and use green screens. The other con is that my house is small and full of

furniture. My room is about as big as Harry Potter’s (the room he gets after the

cupboard. We have class) and I’ve had tall friends say to me that “my sink is built for

short people” (I’m 5’7” for context and my 5’0” friend, Nina, greatly appreciates our sink

choices). The only place in my house with enough room for dancing is our living room,

where my dad gets home from work and chaos reigns through the house as soon as we

begin warm-ups in rehearsals. I think this theatre from home experience has been

valuable and I’ve learned a lot, but I’m so excited to be back in our performing arts


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