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Chomping at the Bit by Gavin Gough

Theatre is one of the few things I find to be unequivocally fun. You get to work with so many unique people to create a wonderful story about characters that almost certainly don’t exist. You also get to act in a manner that would be otherwise frowned upon, and the only reaction you’ll get is, ‘that was funny’, or ‘what a neat character’, or just a simple ‘nifty’.

As much fun as I find all of this, going home is awful. It’s not because it’s hard to go home, I live 10 minutes away by foot. It’s not because home is awful, it’s a nice place. It’s because whenever I get home, dinner has been completely polished off and I have to make my own. There isn’t a shortage of food, I can always make something to eat. I just have a family that eats food like it grows on trees. Even when I go home early, I have an online class I need to log into and by the time class is over, all the food has been eaten!

I guess it’s pointless to complain to some random stranger who clicks on this blog post and decides to go to the show. But that won’t stop me from doing it.

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