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A Fantastical Journey of Pen and Paper by Jamie Kushnick

My adventures in writing first started in, I believe, second grade. We were all supposed to write short stories about whatever we wanted as our assignment for the next week or two. Most people wrote about their favorite sock, or that one time they went to the zoo, or Harold, the magic peanut butter sandwich. I...didn’t. I decided to write about Jack, the magic cat man that lived in a rundown western town, in the middle of the desert, in which you had to steal, cheat, and lie your way to survival, being sent on a quest to defeat the evil dragon king who lived in his castle in the middle of an active volcano, with his best friend Rian, if they failed this quest they and everyone else living in the town would, of course, surely die at the king’s molten fist....I was having the time of my life if you couldn’t already tell. Most of the other kids' stories where one to three pages long. Being the overachiever I am mine was 15 pages and took three classroom days to read....And now I’m lead sketch writer! It is an incredible honor to be granted this position, and I IMPLORE you to watch this show, donate, spread the word, all that good stuff! We have an amazing theater program, an incredibly kind director, and AMAZINGLY talented students. Plus, the show is going to be incredible. I can say that with one hundred percent certainty. Thank you!

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